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Some Ideas of How to Easily Solve Computer Problems

Some Ideas of how to Easily Solve Computer Problems. We write this article about easily solving computer problems. You can fix some of your computer problems after reading this article.

Easily Solve Computer Problems

How to Identify Different Parts of a Computer

To get an idea of ​​different parts of the computer, you will need to open the casing first. For this, open two screws behind the casing and look inside. 
1. The mother board is seeing the main circuit board. The power supply is on the back side of the casing. Many red, yellow, black or blue emerged from the power supply. Some of its connected motherboards and some other hardware such as CD drive, floppy drive, hard disk.
2. Find out the cooling fan of motherboard processor to understand it. Usually it is slightly left on the motherboard. Can not see directly for the processor fan. 
3. RAJAH is on the right side of the general processor. 2-4 slots in the model, vertical 
4. When you understand what soundcard is, the device where the speaker input jack takes it.
5. Similarly, with the monitor cable you will know which is your graphics card. 
6. In the same way you can find out the modem (telephonic cable), LAN card (broadband internet connection). 
7. Liquid finely red, yellow, black or blue cable power cable. White or red wide cable data cable 
8. On a common PC, the power cord behind the casing, the monitor cord, the mouse and the keyboard, the speaker input are the primary inventory which is on all PCs. 

Because of different types of different types of cables, one kind of connection you can make mistakes, but you can not put it in another.

What is Windows 7 Redbooth?

Those who have less RAM on their PCs can use Windows’s redbug feature to meet the requirements of additional RAM. The computer is running on two types of memory. One is the hard disk another RAM. The difference between the two is that RAM can only store information while running the computer, but all the data is deleted when the power is gone, but not in the case of hard disk. But RAM can work faster than harddisk because computers use RAM’s memory while working.
In Windows Seven, you can also improve your overall PC performance by using your pen drive as a RAM memory. However, it can be possible even in Visa. 
  • For this, put your pen drive on the USB port. It’s good to use at least 4GB of RAM for RAM. 
  • Go to Properties by right-clicking on the pen drive. Click on the redoubt tab above. 
  • First you will see three options. The first one can understand the negative, the negative. Selecting the next means that the device will use the entire memory redbug. But choosing the number 3 will be an intelligent task. With this you will be able to use memory Windows as you wish. However, Windows itself will prompt you to keep an update.
Now Redbuster’s game starts with him. You can use this option if you want to play high performance games.

How to Understand the Graphics Card Problem?

If you hear three short beep after the monitor and pc power switch on, then you have to understand the problem with the graphics card. Open your graphics card and put it on another computer to make sure it’s okay. If you have a built-in graphics, then you can test different graphics card with AGP slot. You can reset the BIOS settings to solve the problem of Integrated AGP.

USB Popup Message Off

Whenever you add a new USB drive to the port, a pop up message pops up in the notification area that this device can perform fast-paced – which is irritating. Click on the pop up to stop it. Uncheck the box below.

How to Run in any File Administrator Mode?

Many files are sometimes renamed, copied or deleted, we can see some error messages. This is because there are links to any other folder or file or system settings, so you can not work with this file. So now if somehow the file is run in administrator mode, then only from the castle. Let’s see how to do it. 
  • Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Start Menu and go to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT WinRAR.ZIP shell open command registry key. 
  • Right-click on the left-hand side and click Export. 
  • Now open the exported file with Notepad. Write the runas to delete the file open. 
  • Double click on the file once the changed registry data input will be done.

How to Get a Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7?

Despite the fact that Quick Launch is a popular and effective feature of Windows, it is well known that Microsoft dropped it out of Seven. But what can we do now? Can anybody get a quick launcher back? Let’s try a little bit – 
  • Right-click on the taskbar and go from the toolbar to the New Toolbar. 
  • Then enter% appdata% Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch text in the location bar and press Enter. Press the select folder. 
You will see the launch of the Quick Launch in the taskbar. Now remove it from the left and right click on it and delete the show text and show title. It’s OK to launch your Windows Seven Quick launch.

CD Drives are not Available on Windows Setup!

If you can not find the computer CD drive during XP setup, make sure that your computer’s hardware supports XP by going to any other PC from the hardware compatibil list ( http://www.microsoft.com/hcl ). Many hardware XP does not support properly, so can not detect them. You can copy the CD file to the hard disk first by going to Advanced option. Otherwise you will not have to do anything without changing the old CD ROM. 
However, this type of problem is not commonly seen in Windows Vista or Seven.

Windows Setup CD is not Working!

1. Check whether your CDROM or DVD is right. 
2. Clean the CDROM if necessary. 
3. There may be problems with the installation CDT. In that case, try another installation CD.

Windows is not Setup!

If Setup CD is copied after the PC restarts and stops being installed, then it may be due to problems in CD file copies. Start from the beginning again. Stuck again? If you understand the hardware problem; This is probably the rackem. Try changing ray slots. If multiple buses are fired, leave the same speed with the same speed. In this case, do not copy the file to boot from CD when new setup. You do not have to do anything. Just sit and let the PC continue on its own. Work with the previously copied file will work.

Monitors Blurred or What can I do?

If the monitor seems blurred or it shakes, then it is understandable that there is a discrepancy between the refresh rate of the monitor and the graphics card. If this problem occurs during windows load, then the monitor refresh rate is incorrectly set. In the meantime, when the system is booted, start the Windows F-8 in Tapsafe mode only when you see the Windows message. Fix the gearphrase rate in its graphics / display properties. Solutions for 
using system restore points in PC problems. The way to restore the PC to the system restore point is described below: 
1. Open the system restore at the beginning. 
2. Click the System Restore button. 
3. Restore the system restore window. Go to next.
4. You will see a list of system restore points. If you notice it, you can see when it was made, and what was done at that time. 
5. Clicking Scan for affected programs below will activate this restore point and see the list of changes in the current status of the system or any applications, data will be deleted or the old one will return. Remember, the system restore does not affect the files created by the application that only affects the application. 
6. If you click on Show more restore points, you will see a list of any other old system restore point.
7. Then click Next and press Finish to start the work. Keep in mind, this time PC will take a restart. After a restart, there will be a little bit of trouble to complete the work. If the PC is closed for any reason at all times, it can cause problems. Be careful about it.

Automatically Login to Windows XP!

In many XPs, there is only one user account and no password is given, but every time the PC starts running, just wait for the user to click on the account. It seems very annoying to many. If you are a team then now make the whole paper automated. 
  • Enter Control userpasswords2 in the Start menu and enter. 
  • Uncheck the box on the bottom of the box and uncheck it.

How to Stop Exchange Indexing Service

Users who have received peace using Windows XP File Search feature will not be able to find it. Windows XP but still keep your PC busy with this indexing. It may not have any effect on the high-conferencing pc, but PCs will be old but they are almost twelve times. And if you have a different service like Google Desktop, then it is important for you to stop indexing of XP’s indexing. The larger the size of the hard disk, the service processor and the RAM demand will increase as much. Let us know how it can disassemble you. 
  • Go to the service console from the administrative panels of the Control Panel. 
  • Double-click the indexing service and reboot the start-up type. 
  • Press the Stop button, the indexing service will be closed.

The Sound of the Keyboard is Coming!

The key problem in the keyboard is that the key board in the button that is not coming to come and come another. Knowing to solve this problem is very simple. 
  • Go to Control Panel and go to Regional and Language Options. 
Click on the Change keyboard from the Keyboard and Language tab. 
From there select United States International, Apply, Ok.

Hardware Updating Problem!

With the updating of Windows, downloading a bad hardware driver can be done as it is, and vice versa. After updating, saw that the device is no longer working. So what to do now 
– right click on the computer and go to Properties → Device Manager. Right click on My Computer in XP and then Properties → Hardware → Device Manager. 
  • Expand the device which is causing the problem and right-click it in Properties> Driver. If luck is better then select ‘Roll Back Driver’ option, then it will be done. I’m talking about luck because this option will not always be available. 
  • If it does not work, select Uninstall from the same driver tab and install the previous driver again. It will work.
And my suggestion is that if the device is working properly, then refrain from updating the driver except for the only graphics card. You can get rid of the unnecessary trouble.

The Mouse is not Working!

Typically, the roller-throbbing mouse often creates problems in accumulation of dirt and dust. For this, regularly clean the mouse. First, turn the mouse on the back and turn the left part of the circular disc with the finger and turn it to the left. Find the inner roller ball. Now look inside the mouse hole. There you will find several rollers. Dirt-dust is accumulated there. Flip the dirt with a pinch or hand nails and throw it out of the mouse. Now remove the ball with clean cloth or tissue. When all the work is done, turn the ball inside and turn the disc in the opposite direction. 
There is nothing to say about optical mouse. Because the basic electronic circuits, sewing, multimeters, which they do not have identity, they can not do anything without buying a new mouse.