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How to Remove the credit linked from Blogger Template

Remove the credit linked from Blogger Template. Many of the bloggers from time to time to write blogs as their preferred platform. But the problem is that bloggers are typically most users do not like the default template. He prefers to use the custom templates. Paid templates are custom templates, but many of the people do not want to buy the first credit card or other lack of international transaction ThemeForest, including template joomla can not buy from the site template.

Remove the credit linked from Blogger Template

Free templates are designed to be dependent on them. But a variety of free templates to bloggers, many of which have been linked to the credit uncomfortable. Now I’m going to tell you about a method of using a stick to die burrowers not made the site can not be linked to credit will be redirected back to your site.

Remove Blogger Credit Linked

  1.  First, log in to your Blogger account. Then you need to click on the template option. If you edit the HTML pages template then click Open.
  2. Now you can see your template code. From here, find the link to your credit. Just press the button on the keyboard Ctlr + F and type the name into the search box and press Enter link credit. If you can get links to your credit.
  3. Now credit link <a href=”http://domain.com” id=”credit”> Domain.Com </a> is written that way. Now id = “credit” The style = ” visibility: hidden ” to enter and exit the template is saved.
  4. There is no link to go to your blog to see the credit.

You can do this in the first place. With time and increasing popularity, however, must be paid to use a template. Thanks for reading!