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Why and How to Hide or Remove Blogger Navbar

Blogger is the most popular and useful free online blogging service in the world. It helps to made your own and official blogging website for free. This service is free with match more useful services at once. It is very easy to using by everyone. You can use this service from your Computer, Android or iOS Devices. Many peoples are very professional and official blogger with their Blogger websites or Blogspot Blogs. Actually, Blogger service was created by Pyra Labs Company (co-founded by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan) in 1999. In 2003, Pyra was acquired by Google. It got most known as the free blogging service from Google.

Blogger has got a Navigation Bar that appears by default at the top of every Blogger-powered blog. It will be helpful to you as a blogger. But, somebody wants to remove or disable this navigation bar from their blogger or blogspot Websites. So that, we share this article to helps the blogger master and the webmaster to solve their this problem with their Blogger Website or Blogspot Blogs. It also helps you, when you are blogging on your Blogger Websites.

Benefit of Blogger Navbar

1. It will gives you a quick link to your Dashboard and “Sign in /Sign out” dialog.
2. By the Navbar you can “Flag Blog” (if you consider content of a blog objectionable).
3. On this Navbar, when you click on the B icon, it will take you to blogger.com
4. By the Navbar you can easily search and find other blogs.
5. May share/promote any article or posts on social websites (Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader).
It is very helpful and useful to you, when you blogging on your Blogger sites. But, it can be a style issue of your blogger sites. So that many blogger or webmaster try to remove the Navbar from their blogger or blogspot websites. Let’s see how to hide or remove Blogger Navbar.

Remove Blogger Navbar

Step 1: Go to the Layout option of your blog and click on edit for Navbar shown at the top right corner.
Step 2: You will see a new option (Off) at the end of open pop up Navbar Configuration window along with other options to change the colors of the Navbar.

Remove Blogger Navbar
Step 3: Select the Off option and save it as shown below.
Thus your blogger site Navbar will be disable or hidden from your Blogger site.

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