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Protect Your Computer Instantly Without Any Software

Hey! do you want to protect your computer like Windows 7 Or Others Of Microsoft without using any software? Don’t worry i have a solution for you about this problem with your computer. I expected that after you fully reading this article you can solve this problem of your computer and never feel this problem with your computer (PC).

Protect Your Computer Instantly Without Any Software

You can find the way to solve this problem in Action Center in your windows. There you can review recent messages about your computer problem. If your computer detect any problem it will show on  Action Center. You can also solve your windows problems like computer protection and others. It is a major way to protect your computer (PC).

What is Action Center And It Works?

Action Center is a middle point to view alerts about your computer and take actions that can help to solve valuable problems and keep Windows running smoothly. We shated an screenshot of Action Center below.

What is Action Center And It Works?

To open Action Center click on Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Action Center

In this screenshot we see an error was detected by Windows. In there you will show many problems if your computer was detect. You can solve your computer from Action Center by clicking on this error message and follow the instructions that show on there.

Turn On Windows Updates And Why?

Windows updates is an important way to protect your computer. Windows updates should be turn on into your computer. Because, Important updates provide significant benefits, such as improved security and reliability. You can also set Windows to automatically install recommended updates, which can address noncritical problems and help enhance your computing knowledge. To turn on windows updates follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open Windows Updates

Turn On Windows Updates And Why?

To Open Windows Updates Click on Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Windows Updates

Step 2: Click  on “Check for updates” button

Turn On Windows Updates And Why? Step 2

After that you will show a message about Install new windows update software. If you never updated your windows software yet. Now you will able to update your windows software.

Step 3: Click  on “Install now” button

Turn On Windows Updates And Why? Step 3

Now you will able to downloading and installing updates for your windows. It can take few times to downloading. After downloading was complete it will notify you to install new windows updates. Then you can install new windows upades. After installing complete it might require that you restart your computer to finish installing. You should save and close all your programs before restarting to prevent data loss.

Allow a program through Windows Firewall

Firewall can protect your computer instantly without any software. You should turn on Firewall on your windows to block any harmful software installation. Firewall give you a major security for your computer. To turn on / off Windows Firewall follow the instructions below.

Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Windows Firewall

After open Windows Firewall you will Firewall options in left pane. Now click on “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall” option. Then click “Change settings”. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Now Select the check box next to the program you want to allow, select the network locations you want to allow communication on, and then click “OK”. Done your computer is now portected with Windows Firewall.

NOTE: We can not share any screenshot of windows firewall for security reasons. we are ready sorry for that. But, we try to many useful informations for your computer

Back Up Your Files On DVDs or CDs

Back up your files to help ensure that you do not lose your files. If you ensure that you do not lose your files you should back them up regularly on DVDs or CDs. You can also set up automatic backups or manually back up your files at any time for security requirements of your important files. To back up your important files follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open Backup and Restore

Back Up Your Files On DVDs or CDs

To Open Backup and Restore Click on Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Backup and Restore

Step 2: Click on “Set up backup” to back up your files on DVDs or CDs.

Back Up Your Files On DVDs or CDs Step 2

Now select where you want to save your backup files and click “Next” button. Then follow the steps in the backup wizard to complete set up backup files on DVDs or CDs.

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