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Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company In Bangladesh (Updated)

Pharmaceutical Company ranking of Top 50, we share informations about in this article. I hope its was a great pleasure of reading this awesome article. It is enhancing the country’s economic accrual greatly. Bangladesh is Pharmaceutical industry is marketing medicines to the world markets, such as the European market. This industry is also supplying 97% of the total medicine necessity of the domestic market. Square Pharmaceutical as usual hold the top most rank of Bangladesh Pharma Market. Incepta Pharmaceuticals is also the top most rank of Bangladesh Pharma Market.

Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company In Bangladesh (Updated)

Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company List Of Bangladesh

  1. Square, Inc.
  2. Incepta Pharmaceuticals
  3. Opsonin Pharma Limited
  4. American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  5. Beximco
  6. Renata Limited
  7. Eskayef Bangladesh
  8. ACME Laboratories Ltd
  9. Aristopharma Ltd.
  10. Drug International Limited
  11. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  12. Sanofi Bangladesh Limited
  13. Healthcare Pharmaceutical Limited
  14. Orion Pharma Limited
  15. Novo Nordisk
  16. Sandoz
  17. General Pharmaceuticals Limited
  18. Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  19. Novartis
  20. IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd.
  21. Nuvista Pharma Limited
  22. UniMed & UniHealth Mfg. Ltd.
  23. Social Marketing Company
  24. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  25. Globe Pharmaceuticals Group of Companies
  26. Roche Bangladesh Limited
  27. Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited
  28. Biopharma Limited (Bio)
  29. Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh
  30. Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited
  31. Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  32. Delta Pharma
  33. Kemiko Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  34. Navana Group
  35. Opso Saline Ltd.
  36. Laboratoires Servier
  37. Apex Pharma Limited
  38. Orion Infusion Ltd
  39. Alco Pharma Ltd Bangladesh
  40. Rangs Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  41. Somatec Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  42. Pharmadesh Laboratories Ltd.
  43. Libra Group Ltd
  44. Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh
  45. Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited
  46. Medimpex
  47. RAK Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
  48. Modi-Mundipharma Private Limited
  49. Asiatic Laboratories Limited
  50. White Horse Pharma

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