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How to Remove/Hide Labels from Blogger Posts In Theme

Blogger is the most popular and usage free blogging service from Google. Many people are using blogger or blogspot websites. They created their own blogspot website or blogs for personal or official use. It is very easy and helpful to using it’s free services. Many peoples are become the Blogger master with blogger or blogspot website. They designing their blogspot sites by his/her self. So, this tutorial article will be very helpful to them to customize their blogger themes for removing labels showing in Blogger Posts. To hide labels from the blogger post footer (or below post title), we could simply uncheck the “Labels” option; however, this setting might not work properly in some custom theme and then, we’ll have to remove the code from our Blogger themes.

Remove Labels from Blogger Posts

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger account.
Step 2: Click on Theme option on lift of screen.
Step 3: Then hit the Edit HTML button.
Remove Labels from Blogger Posts
Step 4: Click anywhere inside the code area and search by using the CTRL + F keys the tag </head> (hit Enter to find it).
Step 5: Just above the </head> tag, add the following CSS.

<style>.post-labels {display: none;}</style>

Step 6: Now click the Save Theme button to save the changes and view your blog.
Now your any labels of the blog will be hidden in Blogger posts, where you using that Blogger theme (If you download this blogger theme as backup and upload to another Blogger site).