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The Number Of Google Search Options (Google Search Tools)

The number of Google search options. Currently Google is among the most popular search engines on the Internet. To find something, we usually go to the homepage of the search and sit in search. But since Google is not able to read it for us, it is generally not possible to show accurate results based on key wires only in Google’s strong search engine like Google. To get the highest search benefit from Google, we need to use some keywords as well as some search operators. If you can use these operators properly, you will get a lot more results from Google. Below are some tips on Google search.

Google Search Options

Search specific site content

Generally, if you search for keywords in Google, all the keywords that are available on Google’s web site, Google will gradually publish them as per the list. But if you do not search, you can search specific keywords from a particular website through Google.

For example, suppose you want to know whether the word “Libya” is in the Scientist dot less site, or whether there is any text related to “Libya”. But search by searching “Libya” in Google or other search engines results in hundreds of results, but it does not come from one of the first scientist. In such a situation, Google’s advanced search operators can be your only helpers.

To search the term “Libya” only through Google, search for “Libya site: biggani.com” in the search box. You can see that the result is only from the scientist. And this method is not just for scientists or Libya, you can use this method to find any topic from any website.

See only the pictures of a specific site

Images.google.com is a fairly good site for Google to search images on the Internet. Whenever you search any keyword here, hundreds of photos appear in the moment. But these images come from millions of websites in the world according to Google’s ranking. Now you may sometimes need to find only specific site images instead of searching from around the world. Then you can use image.google.com’s site operator.

Suppose you Fakhruddin Ahmed CNN’s Web site to find the picture
you want. If you go to image.google.com and search by entering site: cnn.com Fakhruddin Ahmed, then you will get desired results. In this way, if you wish to find a specific picture, you can see all the pictures of a site from here. For example, if you search only by entering the site: cnn.com, all images of CNN will be displayed as search results.

The procedure can be useful if you want to browse a site “Visually”. Apart from hundreds of articles written on a specific site, it is much easier to find images than find interesting reading and read. In that case, you can read articles related to that picture by clicking on the intersting images from all the pictures of the site appearing on the Google image.

Find out where your website links are

If you are from a web site, then naturally you will be interested to know that some web sites have links to your web site. From Google search you can easily find it. And if you do not have a web site, then you can use this method to determine which of the two websites is more popular. Because the web site is as popular, its link will be available in more places.

To find out where a website link is located, Google will use the link operator. As you might think, you want to know where the links in our technology forum are available. Then go to Google search and search by link: forum.amaderprojukti.com. Entering the pages that are displayed in the search results will see each one link in our technology forum.

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