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Best Free Online Data Backup Service Providers

You have saved the data you need on a computer hard drive, and you’re sitting in peace, is not it? But if I give you a description, how can your data be crashed while sitting, your nightmare will turn into nightmares. In this article, I will tell you about the need to backup the data, and some free online data backup services. For more details, please read the complete article.

Data Backup Requirements

Your computer’s hard drive may be good for storing data for a while. In particular, the data that you regularly access, it is best to keep them in a computer drive. But the data that is extremely important or the data you want to preserve for a long time, the computer hard drive is not the right choice. No one can guarantee that when a computer’s hard drive will fail, If the computer is off due to electricity, your hard drive may crash suddenly and without crash, it certainly creates bad sectors, so that your data can be copied. Even if you load the data on a hard drive and keep the diameter in the box, the drive may fail.

Best Free Online Data Backup Service Providers

So your destiny is faulty, but there are more fears that the instants can destroy all your data. Computer Malware! – You must use the internet, that means you are not protected from malware. Anytime your computer may be infected by malware in any way. Now there are many types of malware, which are especially designed to destroy your computer data. You have heard the name of the Ransomware; It enters your computer and encrypts all the data. Encryption is a computer language that reverses the general file. If your computer accesses the ransomware, any hard drive or USB drive attached to it will be encrypted. And it is almost impossible to get back those data. Your laptop may be stolen at any time, or anyone can take a hard drive from the computer, so that all the data will be lost.
Large companies spend millions of dollars per month in order to keep their data backed up. So, you have always understood why it is important to back up your required data! How to back up the bat? There is no reason to worry, I have discussed the following paragraphs in detail.

Best Data Backup Method

See, firstly I will say that the best method is to store your data offline. However, it is better to not store data for a long time on a hard drive. The best way to store data for long time is CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. Yes, the computer can store data on a computer hard drive without fail for a long time, for more than a long time the cassette tape drive can save data. So backup your necessary data on DVD will be the best. If the data size is too high, then the use of Blu-ray discs will be best served. You can store up to 50-112 GB of data on a single Blu-ray disc. Make sure you copy many of your data. Do not be fooled by making a copy. If the data is very important, then encrypt the data only, then disc-write it. You can use external hard drives to hold a few years.

Online Backup

After Offline Method, the most popular method is to back up online. Since today’s internet era, we want to get all the facilities from online. By backing up online, you can access the data at any time from anywhere. You can read data from any computer or mobile. You can also sync data with different devices.

If you do not need to backup most of the data, but there are many free online services you can keep data backup. They will backup your data for life time. They also have a different copy of your data, so if you do not have to lose your data when the server crashes hard drive. However, the companies that choose to have online backup must be faithful. Otherwise, the company will run away by missing your data, and you will need to read another difficulty. But another thing, if your data is too sensitive, then it is better not to back up online, there may be many privacy problems online and there is also a security risk. Check out this article about the online data backup risks!

Free Online Data Backup Services

There are many data backup services online, which provide free data backup plans. Since free, so of course the premium is not as good as expected. Free plan always has disk limitation. But if you need to backup only 10-15 GB data, there is no need to paste paid pans. If you want to backup more data for your business or more, there is a need to buy a paid plan.

Google Drive

 If you do not trust Google, who will trust, tell? Google Drive gives you free 15GB of space to backup online data. However, this space is shared between Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive. Anyway, it is far better than free Dropbox 2 GB. With this you can backup data, back up, auto-backup, access, and sync everything from computer, Android and iOS. If you have a free backup plan and many benefits together, certainly Google Drive is your first choice. You can store any type of file on Google Drive.


Mimedia-free 10GB Data Backup Plans and you can also get Auto Backup, like Google Drive. One of the issues facing Media Media is that it can only be used to store photos, music, movies, video, but can not store zip files or eXI files here. However, at least for the media files to store the Mimedia Best Choice. I have also backed up 5GB of data like this, upload data and download speeds too fast. There are also mobile apps and desktop applications, for uploading files.

iDrive Basic

iDrive Basic Plan lets you store online files by offering 5GB data to free. All other online data backup services, you will get all the benefits from the Idea Premium Account. But you can do a lot of things on the free account. They support the Unlimited Drives, that is, the more part of your home, you can upload files from all the disks, under an account, there will be only up to 5 GB limit.


Jottacloud-you provide free cloud space up to 5 GB, but if you refer your friends, then you can get free space up to 100 GB. Like any other backup service, you will get all the benefits from them, and they also support unlimited portions. And they have premium plans too. Their servers are located in Norfolk. Windows and MacOS support comfortably.


Memopal-3GB provides free space, and with that you can access the computer as soon as possible. Their software supports any mobile and any computer operating system. So no tension.

It is very important to back up the data, no one can guarantee that when necessary data can be lost. So back to offline backup and online-regular data backup is very ideal!

Hope this article was very helpful for you. You know about the need to backup data, know about the best method to backup data, and get acquainted with the best online free backup services. Do you have more free service listings? Please let us know below.